MORE FROM IRAN….Guess what? There’s a second letter from Iran. It’s from Hassan Rohani, a representative of Ayatollah Ali Khameini, and it was published in Time magazine on Tuesday. Here’s the concrete part of the proposal:

  • Iran would make an active contribution, provided that other countries with similar sensitive fuel cycle programs also do the same, to fixing the loopholes in the non-proliferation system and to developing a technically credible international control regime.

  • ran would consider ratifying the Additional Protocol, which provides for intrusive and snap inspections.

  • Iran would address the question of preventing break-out from the NPT.

  • Iran would agree to negotiate with the IAEA and states concerned about the scope and timing of its industrial-scale uranium enrichment.

  • Iran would accept an IAEA verifiable cap on enrichment limit of reactor grade uranium.

  • Iran would accept an IAEA verifiable cap on the production of UF6 ? uranium hexafluoride, which is used for enrichment ? during the period of negotiation for the scope and timing of its industrial scale enrichment.

  • Iran and the IAEA would agree on terms of the continuous presence of inspectors in Iran to verify credibly that no diversion takes place in Iran.

  • Iran’s readiness to welcome other countries to partner with Iran in a consortium provides additional assurance about the peaceful nature of Iran?s nuclear program.

It’s hard to say just how serious this is, or how much clout Rohani really has, but it does provide a basis for the United States to talk directly with Iran. And we should.

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