ARMITAGE, TAKE 2….Steve Clemons now reports that Richard Armitage is not ? repeat not ? in any danger of being indicted in the Valerie Plame affair:

That said, I have learned from several other sources that Richard Armitage was neck deep in the Valerie Plame story. According to several insiders, as soon as Armitage realized mistakes he had made, he marched into Colin Powell and laid out “everything” in full detail.

….Another person with deep knowledge about this investigation called to say that Fitzgerald seems to have abandoned any interest in securing indictments regarding the “outing” of Plame and has invested his efforts in challenging the “white collar cover-ups” involved. According to this source, the information provided by Richard Armitage is ? more than any other information ? what has put Karl Rove at major risk of indictment.

And, um, what’s up with that indictment, anyway? Jason?