ROVE INDICTED?….This is pretty weird. Last weekend I linked to a Jason Leopold article at Truthout saying that Patrick Fitzgerald had met with Karl Rove’s lawyers on Friday the 12th and presented them with an indictment of Rove related to the Valerie Plame leaks. I linked to the story without comment since it was based solely on anonymous sources and I had no independent way of knowing whether it was reliable.

Needless to say, no indictment has been announced since then, and Rove’s lawyers have denied the whole thing. Leopold and Truthout have mostly stood behind the story, though with some caveats. Today, though, after a week of inconclusive maneuvering, we have the journalistic equivalent of a full frontal assault: Both sides have issued unequivocal statements that essentially accuse the other of outright lying. (In the case of Rove’s spokesman, it’s not even “essentially”; he flat out calls Truthout’s story “utter lies.”)

TalkLeft has the full story here, which includes the even more incendiary allegation that Rove “may” be cooperating in a case against Dick Cheney. I, of course, have no way to judge the truth of either side, although it continues to be strange that Leopold claims to have multiple sources on this story and no other media outlet has even one. In any case, there’s damn little wiggle room left here. One side or the other is wrong on a truly spectacular scale and is now set up for an implosion of credibility on a galactic scale. Stay tuned.