YOU ARE WHAT YOU SURF….The Bush administration is moving into even newer frontiers in their ongoing mission to know everything that every American citizen ever does:

Big Internet and telephone companies are girding to fight an unprecedented call by the Bush administration for them to keep detailed records of customers’ online activities for two years.

….Gonzales and Mueller asked Google Inc., Time Warner Inc.’s AOL and other companies to preserve the data at a May 26 meeting, citing their value to investigations into child-pornography distribution and terrorism. Internet companies typically keep customer histories for only a few days or weeks.

….Beyond law enforcement, though, the trove also could be available to lawyers arguing civil lawsuits ? including divorce cases and suits against people suspected of swapping copyrighted movie and music files online. Privacy advocates fear the user histories could be exploited by criminal investigators conducting inappropriate exploration or pursuing minor cases.

I wonder if they keep track of all the mail flowing through U.S. post offices? And if not, what’s stopping them?