MORE TORTURE….The latest whitewash of U.S. “interrogation techniques” ? aka torture ? has been released, and in it Brigadier General Richard Formica concluded that it was OK to hold prisoners in cells 4 feet high, 4 feet long and 20 inches wide for several days. Spencer Ackerman comments:

Here are two such questions you can puzzle over from your home or office. Take all the shelving out of a typical filing cabinet. (My own office cabinet happens to be slightly smaller than the cell described here.) Now lock yourself in it for two days. You may notice you can neither stand up straight nor lie down, and crouching gets really uncomfortable extremely fast. Remember that as an Iraqi detainee, the Geneva Conventions apply to you. Now ask yourself: Why would Formica consider such treatment “reasonable” for two days? And if someone put an American soldier in such conditions for two days ? or authorized doing so ? what should happen to that person?

I recommend posing those questions to Cliff May, who apparently thinks that even Saudi Arabian interrogation is too wussified these days.