THE WAR ON TERA….Knight Ridder brings us the latest in computer technology:

In the next five years, the government’s goal is a computer system that can process at least a quadrillion [] arithmetic operations per second….known technically as a “petascale” system.

….On a more familiar level, a petascale computer will be at least 75 times faster than the most powerful game machine, such as IBM?S XBox-360, and 100 times faster than a top-of-the-line desktop personal computer, such as the Apple Power Mac.

Let’s see now….one petaflop is a thousand teraflops. So if that’s 100 times faster than an Apple Power Mac, that means the Mac is producing….um….

Wow! 10 teraflops! Where do I get one?

UPDATE: And as frinklin points out in comments, when did IBM start making the Xbox?

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