HOW HAMDAN WILL PLAY OUT….I don’t agree with Marshall Wittman much these days, but I think he may be right about this:

Analysis that suggests [the Hamdan decision] is a political setback for the GOP has it exactly wrong. Republicans would like nothing better than a pre-election debate over whether Osama’s buddies should receive ACLU approved rights. It is likely that many Democrats will join Republicans in supporting tough guidelines for military commissions.

Probably so. And Democrats would be right to support tough guidelines, which could probably sail through Congress with bipartisan support to spare if that’s what the Republican leadership wants.

They don’t, of course. They want a campaign issue, not a solution, and most likely won’t rest until they manage to find legislative wording so punitive and extreme that even Hillary Clinton can’t support it. It may not be good for the country, but it makes for good C-SPAN.