JOE AND NED….In a post yesterday, commenter gq wonders when I’m going to comment on the Lieberman/Lamont primary race in Connecticut. How about now?

Generally speaking, I have nothing against Lieberman. Even his pro-war stance is OK. We’re a big tent, right? His sucking up to George Bush, however, is really offensive and completely gratuitous. That’s strike one.

Plus there’s this whole snide business about how “Kos and the liberal netroots have never backed a winning candidate.” It’s not really true, I know, but it would still be nice to see that canard die a clear and well-deserved death. So that’s strike two.

And then there’s the really lame ads Lieberman has been running. That’s strike three. And the fact that he’s as much as said he’d ditch the party and run as an independent if he loses. That’s strike four. And his vote for cloture during the debate on the bankruptcy bill. That’s strike five.

Remind me again. How many strikes before you’re out?

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