ROGER FEDERER HERO WORSHIP THREAD….I know that the 99% of you who aren’t tennis fans don’t care about this, but one more time: how about that Roger Federer? Is he the best tennis player of all time or what? A decade from now, I won’t be surprised if that’s not even an interesting argument anymore.

But you gotta give Rafael Nadal some credit too. My initial thought was that if Federer can play him close on clay, as he did at the French Open, he’s going to kick his butt without working up a sweat on grass. And I guess that’s my finishing thought, too. Still Nadal has played remarkably well for a clay-court baseliner. I really didn’t think anyone would even challenge Federer at Wimbledon this year, but Nadal probably will. He might even be worth placing a bet on if the odds were promising.

Win or lose, though, thank God for Roger Federer. Tennis has become so one-dimensional lately that I hardly even bother watching it anymore. Federer is just about the only player left who can remind me of how good the game used to be. And who knows? Maybe the rest of the decade will feature an epic Federer-Nadal rivalry that will go down in the record books. We can hope.

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