TRAVELING ON THEIR STOMACHS….Julian Barnes reports from Iraq about “Country Captain Chicken,” a favorite recipe of George Patton’s. Several years ago, some long-lost general suggested that it be made into a Meal Ready-to-Eat in his honor:

So MRE-makers cooked up a prototype of the dish and tested it with soldiers. The Joes liked it. At first. “Our war-fighters gave it a thumbs up; it scored very high,” Gerald Darsch, the Defense Department’s director of combat feeding, told me. “But, within several years, it began to rate on the low end.”

What happened? Country Captain Chicken got a reputation….”Country Captain Chicken,” a young specialist told me, “will make you gay.”

….For the record, the Army says the soldiers of the 101st were mistaken. “I don’t think the currants we put in Country Captain Chicken have any metabolic effect that would change your preference, sexually,” Darsch claims.

That’s good to know.