WHAT PART OF “MEDICAL” AND “MALPRACTICE” DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?….Ezra Klein’s burgeoning pundit empire continues to grow, this time with an article in Slate about medical malpractice:

The Republican answer to runaway health-care spending is to cap jury awards in medical malpractice suits. For the fifth time in four years, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist tried and failed to cap awards at $250,000 during his self-proclaimed “Health Care Week” in May.

….Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama also want to save on health care. But rather than capping jury awards, they hope to cut the number of medical malpractice cases by reducing medical errors, as they explain in an article in the New England Journal of Medicine. In other words, to the Republicans, suits and payouts are the ill. To the Democrats, the problem is a slew of medical injuries of which the suits are a symptom.

So who’s right? Click the link for the exciting answer!