COULD IT BE TRUE?….Have Muslim jihadists penetrated the CIA? Of course not. What are you, a conspiracy nut?

No, the real problem is that the CIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of al-Qaeda. That’s the reason the Bush administration refuses to disclose all the WMD it’s found in Iraq. Spencer Ackerman reports:

Welcome to the new smear. Previous GOP attacks on the intelligence community have merely alleged that Langley is full of political fifth columnists. Now Hoekstra and Santorum are implying that the CIA contains actual fifth columnists.

….For Republicans, locked into support of an unpopular war, convincing their constituencies that American troops need to die for an elusive Iraqi democracy is an increasingly tough sell. The task would be somewhat easier if the Bush administration’s pre-war claims about Saddam’s WMD were true….So the GOP Congress, and the ranks of the conservative faithful, has become more Catholic than the Pope, resolving that if the Bush administration won’t embrace the WMD claims, someone else must rise to the challenge.

I’m glad somebody is out there protecting our precious bodily fluids.