CIVIL WAR….Borzou Daragahi of the LA Times writes from Baghdad:

“The message is clear, and the message confirms the sectarian differences,” said Fadhil Sharih, a leader of the Sadr movement. “It seems clear that it’s been moving toward the direction of civil war.”

….”What is happening in Iraq is a disaster and a tragedy,” Adnan Dulaimi, a Sunni Arab leader, said in an interview. “It’s bloodshed and killing of the innocents, killing the elderly and women and children. It’s mass killings. It’s nothing less than an undeclared civil war.”

….”I start to feel the need to say that there is a civil war,” said Salim Abdullah Jabouri, a Sunni politician, “in order to borrow the tools and solutions of past civil wars to apply them here, and to call upon the international community to deal with Iraq’s problems on this basis.”

…. “It is actually a civil war,” said Ayad Samaraie, a leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party. “It is action and reaction. And it is increasing day after day.”

Daragahi also reports that Sunni and Shiite leaders are “far from an accord and often seem to talk past one another in discussing solutions for ending the spiraling violence.” There seems no end in sight, and no plan from the Bush administration to even acknowledge what’s going on, let alone try something new to halt the violence. Have they literally given up?