“BAPTIZING POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS”….I can’t quite tell whether he approves or disapproves, but in any case Andrew Sullivan drew my attention today to an interview with Mike Gerson, formerly George Bush’s chief speechwriter, in the current issue of Christianity Today. Here are a couple of excerpts:

What challenges do you see for evangelicals who want to broaden the movement’s social agenda?
It’s probably a long-term mistake for evangelicals to be too closely associated with any ideology or political party. The Christian teaching on social justice stands in judgment of every party and every movement. It has to be an authentic and independent witness….

Where specifically do you think the Religious Right has gone off track?
Some of it is what I would call baptizing policy recommendations, as if there were a Christian view on tax policy or missile defense. These are questions of prudence and judgment on which reasonable people disagree.

Now, it’s not as if Gerson has suddenly become a social liberal or anything, but it’s still slightly stunning to see a major player in the Bush administration advise evangelicals not to become “too closely associated” with any political party. Karl Rove must be spinning in his casket.