PROSPERITY IS JUST A PAULSON AWAY!….I don’t know whether Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is really up for committing political suicide by trying to push Social Security privatization once again next year, but I enjoyed these comments of his in a speech today:

Paulson said the slow growth in take-home pay was simply an economic reality “and it is neither fair nor useful to blame any political party.”

“Rather than playing the blame game, we must focus on helping workers move up the economic ladder,” Paulson said….If economic growth continues and productivity stays strong, income growth will eventually follow, he said.

I wonder how long he thinks we should wait? We’ve had economic growth and strong productivity gains for the last 30 years or so, but we still don’t have the promised increases in take-home pay. So here’s an idea: In the same way that waiting another six months for progress in Iraq is now called a “Friedman,” perhaps another decade waiting for increases in take-home pay should be called a “Paulson.”