YES, LANNY, THE WORLD IS FULL OF CRACKPOTS….I’m sure the Wall Street Journal was delighted to run a piece by Lanny Davis, Bill Clinton’s former special counsel, informing its readers that he’s recently discovered that “The far right does not have a monopoly on bigotry and hatred and sanctimony.” It ought to be good for years of quote mining by the Journal’s crack staff of editorial writers.

And what is Davis’s evidence? It’s that old standby: noticing that crackpots often leave crackpotty comments on blogs and that those same people often write crackpotty email in ALL CAPS. This is news? Frankly, if that’s how deep Davis had to dig to find people saying nasty things about Joe Lieberman, the 2006 Connecticut primary must be a remarkably civil affair.

Comparing this kind of nearly anonymous ranting to Rush Limbaugh (audience: in the millions) and Ann Coulter (audience: in the millions) is the work of a useful idiot, and I’m sure the Journal editors were cackling in their beers when they received it. But still, since he insists, here it is: I denounce all crackpots everywhere. Happy, Lanny?

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