BLOWING UP AIRPLANES….Explosives expert Clifford Jones talks to the BBC about how terrorists might go about getting explosives onto a plane:

How are they made?

….There are also explosives that are made by mixing a solid and a liquid ? one being the oxidant and the other being the fuel. Unlike most high explosives, they do not contain the fuel and oxidant in the same molecule but they do contain them in sufficiently close contact to cause a blast.

Are the components difficult to get hold of?

No, it is very easy. Ordinary household substances could be used.

Could an explosive device be carried on to an aeroplane?

The size of a device necessary could be carried in hand baggage….They could be quite hard to detect because I do not think any of the things we have mentioned would respond to x-rays. For example, a liquid hydrocarbon fuel could pass as mineral water.

So: no more liquids allowed on planes. And short trips with just an overnight bag? Forget it. Might as well just check everything.