PAKISTAN….Michael Crowley writes something that’s been bouncing around in my brain for quite a while too:

Whenever I read about Pervez Musharraf’s tenuous grip on power I marvel at how alarmingly much the U.S. has riding on one pretty questionable guy. Our Pakistan policy gets scant coverage, but shouldn’t an unstable nuclear-armed nation awash with Islamic radicals be the real “central front” of the war on terror ? and not Iraq? (Not in the sense of invading Pakistan, of course.) What I wonder is how Democrats feel about our Pakistan policy ? and what, say, a president Hillary would do differently. It seems that, apart from quelling anti-U.S. hatred generally, there’s not a whole lot we can do there beyond crossing our fingers. To the fallout shelters!

Now, obviously the United States has had a schizophrenic attitude toward Pakistan for a long time, and Pakistan’s enrollment in the nuclear club has made things even more complicated than before. But Crowley has a good point: does anyone actually have any proposals for a different and more productive way of dealing with Pakistan? I haven’t gone out of my way to read up on this, but I’d also say that of the thousands of op-eds I’ve read over the past few years virtually none of them have had anything constructive to say in this regard.

Am I wrong about this? Where’s the place to go for sharp and knowledgable Pakistan analysis?