BOMB PLOT UPDATE….A couple of days ago I linked to an AP article that quoted unnamed Pakistani officials claiming that the suspects in last week’s airline bombing plot “had not attended terror-training camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan and had relied on information gleaned from text books on how to make bombs.” Today, though, the LA Times says that the Pakistani officials they’ve talked to have a different story:

Officials investigating the alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners say at least seven of the suspects arrested in Britain had dual citizenship and made frequent trips here over the past three years, gaining information on how to make detonators and explosives.

…. Investigators say they still don’t know whether the suspects were being directed by militants in Pakistan or came here seeking inspiration and expertise. And while it is unclear whether they received training in making bombs, officials here say they are certain the British-based suspects at least received information on detonators and explosives.

Which “officials” should we believe? There’s no telling yet. But this is the latest.