BEFORE KEVIN takes away the keys, let me thank him and Washington Monthly readers for the chance to post here. It’s among my most favorite and frequently visited sites, and I’m looking forward to typing in the url and getting Kevin’s take on the news again, as no doubt, is everybody else. I also wanted to point out what an admirer I am of what Suzanne Nossel and her co-foreign policy practitioners at Democracy Arsenal do at their home site — until she launched it, one did not have the chance to read the frequent, first person blog style thoughts of people like Suzanne who worked for Richard Holbrooke at the UN at a fairly senior level; the issues she raises about the viability of the UN Security Council as a forum for the US to try to resolve foreign policy problems such as Iran’s nuclear ambitions are ones that any US administration – Democratic or Republican – has to face. That’s just reality. It was true of the Clinton administration trying to deal with the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts as well.

In any case, you can find me at War and Piece, and keep up with my latest published work at the left tab. Thanks again.

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