BLAIR’S SNARE….Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have always had an uneasy relationship, but it looks like it’s now in complete meltdown:

An all-out power struggle between the chancellor and the prime minister, culminating with allegations of blackmail by Tony Blair and a ferocious shouting match between the two men, appeared last night to have forced Mr Blair to publicly declare as early as today that he will not be prime minister this time next year.

….In probably the most astonishing day in the annals of New Labour, the use of the word blackmail to describe Mr Brown’s actions over the past few days by Downing Street staff was authorised by Mr Blair, and reflected his view that Mr Brown is orchestrating a coup against him.

Really, British politics is a lot more fun than ours. A coup! Shouting matches! Threats of blackmail! That’s what politics ought to be about.

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