MEDIAN INCOME UPDATE….A few days ago I posted a map from the Detroit Free Press showing that median household incomes had dropped in nearly every state between 1999 and 2005. Via Asymmetrical Information, I see that the Freep screwed up: they used a different measure for the 1999 figures than for the 2005 numbers, and that made the decline look worse than it was.

Census figures are here, and while they aren’t perfect, they do use the same methodology over time. This doesn’t change the main conclusion of the original post, namely that median incomes have dropped even though the economy has been growing, but the drop wasn’t quite as bad as it looked. The census figures are below.

I’ll say one thing, though: those boys down in Texas sure did a whole lot better under Clinton than they have under Bush. If they were smart, they would have voted for Gore and kept the Shrub under wraps in Austin, where he couldn’t have done so much damage to their economy.