NARCISSISM….The LA Times reports today that celebrities are more narcissistic than average joes:

The average Narcissism Personality Inventory score of Americans ? as demonstrated in a previous study ? is 15.3 out of a possible 40. Celebrities averaged 17.8. Contrary to what occurs in the general population, women celebrities, across the board, were more narcissistic than males (19.26 versus 17.27). Musicians ? who have the highest skill level ? are the least narcissistic celebrity group, while reality television stars ? the least talented or skilled group ? are the most narcissistic.

“Female reality show contestants,” Pinsky said, “are off the chart.”

OK, I guess that’s interesting about female reality show contestants ? though I don’t quite know what to make of it ? but color me unimpressed on the general results. Celebrities only score two points higher than the general population on narcissism? Isn’t that a remarkably restrained finding?

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