100% INSPECTION….Here is today’s news five years after 9/11:

The Senate approved a port-security bill Thursday that its sponsors said would make the nation safer from terrorist attack, after it rejected a plan to inspect every inbound cargo container for nuclear weapons.

….The Senate tabled, 61-37, an amendment offered by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., that would have required that 100 percent of the cargo containers headed for the United States be scanned within four years. Shippers would have picked up the cost.

….Collins said the bill would move toward 100 percent inspections when it was “proved and feasible.” Doing it prematurely could create a massive backlog of containers waiting on the docks to be inspected, she said.

Republicans have been blocking serious port inspection legislation for years, and even now can’t bring themselves to tell their corporate contributors that they’re going to have pony up a few dollars per container for 100% inspection. This is despite the fact that experts widely agree that it’s perfectly feasible to do this if we just get serious about it.

I don’t get it. Why is it reasonable to mandate a timetable for 100% pass rates on standardized tests for schoolchildren, but not reasonable to mandate a timetable for 100% inspection of cargo containers headed for U.S. ports? Are Republicans really that far in thrall to the shipping industry?