PERMANENT BASES….This was buried on page A16 of the LA Times today:

House Passes Ban on Permanent Iraq Bases

Congress is on the verge of barring the construction of permanent bases for U.S. forces in Iraq, a move aimed at quelling concerns in the Arab world that American forces will remain in the war-torn country indefinitely.

….On Monday, House and Senate leaders agreed to insert a ban pushed by Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware….”I have no illusions that this provision will somehow dramatically change the dynamic of events on the ground in Iraq,” Biden said Tuesday in a statement. “But…this is a message that needs to be proclaimed loudly and regularly and with the stamp of the Congress.”

It’s about time. Good for Biden for proposing this, and good for him again for not pretending that it’s going to seriously change the dynamics in Iraq at this late date. This is the kind of thing we should have been doing three years ago.