VELVET MAFIA UPDATE….A few days ago CBS reported this:

One senior House Republican tells CBS that there’s a lot of anger at what he describes as “a network of gay staffers and gay members who protect each other and did the speaker a disservice.”

I took this to mean that it was House Republicans who were angry at the gay staffers (why would Dems care about doing the speaker a disservice?), and that therefore they were also the ones who were circulating the now-infamous list of closeted gay GOP staffers that’s making the rounds in DC.

But apparently not. David Corn now tells us that the list is being circulated by “gay people of a non-Republican bent.” I’m not sure what the caginess is about here ? though it’s unfortunately typical of Corn ? since in a two-party system “non-Republican” must mean “Democratic,” right?

In any case, if it really is Democratic staffers doing this, it’s both stupid and wrong. Republicans are self-immolating over Foley-gate, and all the rest of us had to do was sit back and watch. This is both revolting and moronic.

UPDATE: In comments, Steve suggests it’s not Dem staffers after all:

The people with the “list,” who are threatening to out Republican staffers, are pro-outing activists [….] They’re hardly an arm of the Democratic Party, and I’m sure they make the Democrats unhappy with some of their more over-the-top stunts.

UPDATE 2: I’ve removed the names from the original comment, since there’s no evidence that the specific people who were mentioned had anything to do with this. It was sloppy of me to include them in the first place. My apologies.

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