REPUBLICAN MELTDOWN UPDATE….Over at Showdown ’06, Ruy Teixeira notes that in four polls released Monday the average Democratic lead in the generic congressional race is a mind-boggling 17 percentage points. Structural changes over the past couple of decades mean that this still isn’t likely to create a victory the size of 1994, but if this news energizes the Democratic ground operation ? as it should ? it could still produce the second biggest congressional rout since the Reagan era.

Mark Blumenthal also summarizes the poll results today, and concludes that they look equally grim for Republicans whether you look at registered voters or likely voters. There’s just no good news for the GOP anywhere.

And here’s a thought: if the Republican Party does continue its ongoing implosion, it’s going to make Howard Dean look pretty smart, isn’t it? It’ll mean that Democrats win a historic victory this year and have made two year’s worth of progress on improving their state organizations for 2008.

Sure, some of that is just luck. Neither Dean nor anyone else predicted this year’s Republican meltdown. But you know what they say: luck favors the well prepared.

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