TRIVIAL PET PEEVE WATCH….I don’t know why, but I’ve gotten really tired of the relentless contemporary use of the phrase “full disclosure.” It’s become a transparent excuse for drawing attention to ones sterling connections while simultaneously affecting a dedication to some kind of fanciful Olympian standard of rhetorical honesty. What’s more, it’s almost always unnecessary. Compare and contrast:

This report by John Doe makes a great point. (Full disclosure: I originally met John when we were students at Harvard and we’ve been yachting buddies ever since.)

This report, written by my friend (colleague/former boss/brother-in law) John Doe, makes a great point.

Unless you’re under some legal obligation to do so, can we knock off this “full disclosure” nonsense? It belongs on the trash heap.

UPDATE: OK, I give in. If full disclosures were more like this, I might learn to like them.

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