SURPRISE!….Ezra Klein thinks we should take conspiracy theories more seriously. Tom Engelhardt obliges after learning that the special tribunal in Iraq has scheduled the verdict in the Saddam Hussein trial for November 5:

A possible death-sentence for Saddam and his top lieutenants on November 5? Now, shouldn’t that raise a few eyebrows somewhere? If you happen to have a calendar close at hand, pull it over and take a quick look. That verdict would then come, curiously enough, just two days before the midterm elections. It’s the sort of thing that ? you would think ? that any reporter with knowledge of the US election cycle (no less of how Karl Rove has worked these last years) would at least note in an article. But no, you can search high and low without finding a reference to this in the mainstream media.

OK, let’s put it to a vote: is this (a) a nutbar conspiracy theory, or (b) entirely likely considering the folks who are running the country these days?

And remember: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you!

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