ORANGE COUNTY IN THE NEWS….I see that local GOP goofball Tan Nguyen, after a moment of hesitation, has now fully absorbed the Three Ns of Republican politics: No matter what you’ve done, never apologize, never back down, and never go off the attack:

At a chaotic sidewalk news conference Sunday, Orange County congressional candidate Tan Nguyen defended a letter his campaign sent to 14,000 registered voters that warned in Spanish that immigrants could be jailed or deported for voting.

….Nguyen maintained that the letter was sent without his knowledge. But he added that, after firing the staffer he said was responsible for it, he was asking her to return because he believes the mailer was fair. [Italics mine.]

….Former U.S. Atty. William Braniff, a lawyer for Nguyen’s campaign, said Sunday that the controversy was caused by the news media and others who inferred that the word emigrado, or immigrant, included U.S. citizens. In fact, Braniff said, emigrado in the letter merely referred to U.S. immigrants who have legal status but not citizenship ? and thus do not have the right to vote..

Braniff declined, however, to say why the campaign had used letterhead closely resembling that of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform without the group’s permission and why it was signed by a fictional “Sergio Ramirez.”

Yeah, I can’t imagine why anybody would have inferred that. Nice try, Bill.

It’s been a tough month for my hometown. A couple of weeks ago Adam Yahiye Gadahn became the first person since WWII charged with treason, and now it’s Tan Nguyen demonstrating the depths to which local Republicans can sink. Hooray for Orange County!

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