IN DEFENSE OF SLEAZY ATTACK ADS….OK, not really. But just to show how out of touch I am with California politics, I didn’t even realize until a few days ago that Dianne Feinstein was running for reelection. The reason for this shocking ignorance is that her opponent is a conservative nonentity who hasn’t even held office since 2000, which means there’s been essentially no campaign. Feinstein is a shoo-in.

Anyway, Feinstein is finally deigning to run a few ads here in The OC, and they’re the most cloying, saccharine, sick-making commercials you can imagine. They star Feinstein and her granddaughter cooing at each other, followed by Feinstein telling us that she’s going to continue doing a really great job for all us Californians. You can watch the whole wretched thing here if you dare.

Bah. If that’s what a positive, uplifting campaign is like, I’ll take the gutter. It may smell bad, but at least you still know you’re still alive.