ROBO-CALLING….So here’s a good question: is the mainstream media even going to bother reporting on the saturation robo-calling currently being funded and coordinated by the National Republican Congressional Committee? As you may recall, the tactic here is to call people multiple times, at odd hours, whether or not they’re on the Do Not Call registry, with messages that sound like they’re from the local Democrat. The purpose is to get people annoyed with the Democratic candidate, even though the annoyance is really coming from the Republican side.

This kind of tactic is only going to get more common unless the media trumpets it loud and clear and the Republican Party pays a price for it on Tuesday. Conversely, if it flies under the radar and helps produce a few GOP wins, they’ll do it again. And again. And again.

I don’t care if reporters are jaded by this kind of thing. It’s a revolting practice and ought to be the lead story on tonight’s network news programs. Instead, what do you want to bet that it barely gets mentioned?

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