EXIT POLLS….I guess the Fort Knox-like security surrounding this year’s exit polls worked. I’ve seen no leaks anywhere.

But it’s now after 5 pm, and that means CNN is releasing some early exit poll results. There’s nothing yet about individual races, but Bill Schneider says:

  • Issue most often chosen as “extremely important”: It’s a close call. 42% say corruption in Washington, followed closely by terrorism, the economy, and Iraq.

  • 57% disapprove of the war in Iraq.

  • A majority say Democrats can deal well with terrorism and national security.

  • 62% say national issues determined their vote. Politics is not local this year.

More later when they report it.

UPDATE: Republicans have been talking up the economy for the past few weeks, but people who named that as an extremely important issue voted for Democrats by 20 points. Apparently having a great economy for the richest 10% of the country hasn’t won the GOP very many votes. Imagine that.

Republicans are still ahead on their handling of terrorism, but only by a little bit.

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