NO MORE RUMMY?….Rumsfeld resigning? CNN says an announcement is imminent.

UPDATE: Yep, he’s out. Bush will nominate former CIA Director Bob Gates to replace him.

UPDATE 2: Bush has just made clear that he knew Rumsfeld was leaving a week ago ? though, oddly enough, he denied it at the same time. As of last Tuesday, he said, he hadn’t yet “figured out who would replace” Rumsfeld, which obviously means he knew Rumsfeld was on the way out. He says he met with Gates on Sunday, though it was unclear to me if this was their initial meeting or their final meeting.

UPDATE 3: For the third time, Bush is now emphasizing that Iraq was only one of many issues that decided the election. He seems pretty eager to downplay the idea that the election was a referendum on Iraq.

UPDATE 4: Bush says that Democratic control of Congress has a silver lining: it’s going to make it easier to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Mickey Kaus’s head just exploded.

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