HILLARY AND IOWA….Commenting on the decision by Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, John Podhoretz says:

This decision is a huge gift to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. With Vilsack in the race, all other Democratic candidates can declare the Iowa caucuses his territory and bail out of there. The quirky state won’t play a big role, and that only benefits the 800 lb. Gorilla.

Podhoretz is, of course, obsessed by Hillary Clinton, but that doesn’t necessarily make him wrong about this. In fact, it seems like a sharp observation.

Question for the audience: is Iowa a problem for Hillary in the first place? Does she benefit by being allowed to ignore it? Can she now engage in an orgy of long-suppressed corn bashing that’s been eating away at her ever since she choked on a popcorn kernel as a small girl?

Beats me. But it’s worth noting that Iowa Senator Tom Harkin took Iowa out of play in 1992, and we all know who went on to win the nomination and the presidency that year. Hmmm…..

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