PRETZEL MAN….I see that on Sunday John “Straight Talk” McCain demonstrated once again that he’s fully absorbed his lesson from 2000: straight talk doesn’t win elections for Republicans. Sucking up to social conservatives does. So now he’s pulled a full 180 on abortion and says he supports repeal of Roe v. Wade, telling George Stephanopoulos it’s because “I?m a federalist.” However, as Scott Lemieux points out, this makes McCain’s Roe switcheroo disingenousness squared:

Nothing in McCain’s own record suggests that he thinks abortion should be left to the states. He had voted for nation-wide “partial birth” bans at least 6 times. He voted to deny the use of military facilities for women in the military who needed abortions. He voted for this year’s Fugitive Uterus Act. Indeed, given his 0% NARAL rating, he apparently has yet to meet a federal regulation of abortion he doesn’t like. So while I suppose it might be possible in the abstract to oppose Roe on “federalist” grounds, in McCain’s case it’s a pathetically disingenuous dodge.

Poor McCain. Pandering to the Jerry Falwell crowd might have done him some good in 2000, but like so many generals before him, he’s fighting the last war. He should have stuck with the straight talk.