IRAQ TO AMERICA: GET OUT…. PIPA has released a new poll of Iraqi attitudes toward the U.S. occupation, and the takeaway is very, very clear: they want us to leave. 74% of Shiites and 91% of Sunnis want us to leave within a year (the number is 80% for Shiites in Baghdad). By wide margins, both groups believe U.S. forces are provoking more violence than they’re preventing, and both groups believe that day-to-day security would improve if we left. Support for attacks on U.S. forces now commands majority support among both Shiites and Sunnis. And none of this is because of successful al-Qaeda propaganda: 94% of Iraqis continue to disapprove of al-Qaeda.

Now, it may be that these views are misguided. But it hardly matters: it’s simply not possible for us to occupy the country successfully if a majority of Iraqis actively support attacks on our troops and a vast majority think we’re responsible for the rising violence. It’s time for us to leave.

The report summary is here. The full report is here.

UPDATE: Note that the date of this report is September 27. It’s pretty recent, but it’s not quite “new,” as I said in the main post.

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