A SENSIBLE WITHDRAWAL?….Over at TPMCafe, Reed Hundt mocks Tom Friedman’s “10 months or 10 years” choice for Iraq, but then adds his own plan for withdrawal:

A sensible centrist, if you forgive the phrase, alternative would be (a) negotiate with Syria and Turkey and Iran and Saudia Arabia to provide elements of security for Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites (minimum 6 to 12 months), (b) arm the Shiites with tanks and other heavy armor (minimum 8 months), (c) push Iraq into a loose federation of semi-autonomous states (12 months), (d) withdraw about half the American troops over one year, (e) commit to a total withdrawal including a dismantling of the astonishingly large Green Zone and airfield facilities (24 months minimum and not capable of being precisely defined).

That’s sure not going to raise centrism’s stock in the blogosphere, is it? I can’t quite tell if Reed is suggesting these steps all need to be sequential, but it sure sounds like it, and together they add up to a minimum of five years, with the first withdrawals not even starting until 2009. Am I reading this wrong? It sure doesn’t sound very sensible to me.