SOME SENSIBLE ADVICE….Andrew Tobias reprints some excellent, practical advice today on securing your personal financial information. Here’s one piece that I was completely unaware of:

6. When you check out of a hotel that uses cards for keys (and they all seem to do that now), do not turn the “keys” in. Take them with you and destroy them. Those little cards have on them all of the information you gave the hotel, including address and credit card numbers and expiration dates. Someone with a card reader, or employee of the hotel, can access all that information with no problem whatsoever.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: The consensus in comments is that the hotel keycard thing is BS, nothing more than an urban legend. I guess that’s why I’d never heard it before. However, the rest of the advice at the link really does seem pretty sensible and straightforward. And not a lot of work, either.