STAB IN THE BACK….Credit where it’s due. Max Boot might be one of those crazy neocons, but he’s not completely delusional. After surveying the conservative landscape and concluding that “a myth is likely to develop in which America’s valiant fighting men and women were stabbed in the back by unpatriotic, even treasonous, reporters,” he steps back and lists — by name — some of the reporters in Iraq who have done top notch work there:

If you wanted to figure out what was happening over the last four years, you would have been infinitely better off paying attention to their writing than to what the president or his top generals were saying. If we fail to achieve our goals in Iraq — which the administration defines as a “unified, stable, democratic and secure nation” — it won’t be the fault of the ink-stained wretches or even their blow-dried TV counterparts. To argue otherwise deflects blame from those who deserve it, in the upper echelons of the administration and the armed forces. Perhaps that’s the point.

Yep, that’s the point all right. Conservative bloggers, who are being cynically used to spread this meme, should take note.