LATEST POLL DATA….Public support for the war has pretty much cratered:

As he seeks to chart a new course in Iraq, Bush also faces pervasive resistance and skepticism toward the U.S. commitment — more than three-fifths [62%] of those surveyed said the war was not worth fighting.

….Asked about Bush’s recent announcement that he would dispatch another 21,500 troops to Iraq, three-fifths [60%] said they opposed the move, while just over one-third [36%] backed it.

….A narrow majority — 51% — want Congress to try to block Bush from sending more troops to Iraq.

….Americans divide in similar proportions when asked whether Congress should attempt to require Bush “to begin withdrawing the troops already in Iraq.”

Exactly half said Congress should take steps to begin removing troops (42% opposed such an effort).

Somebody remind me. How long did it take before public opinion turned this sharply against the Vietnam War?

(Answer: It’s a trick question. Opposition reached 61% in 1971 but never exceeded that number. The Iraq war is now more unpopular than the Vietnam War ever was.)

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