FUNNY MONEY NOT SO FUNNY AFTER ALL….I’m pleased to pass along the news that you will no longer be viewed with suspicion if you happen to get a Canadian coin in your change:

Reversing itself, the Defense Department says an espionage report it produced that warned about Canadian coins with tiny radio frequency transmitters was not true.

The Defense Security Service said it never could substantiate its own published claims about the mysterious coins. It has begun an internal review to determine how the false information was included in a 29-page report about espionage concerns.

I guess that’s one less thing to worry about, and a serious black mark erased from the security record of our friends up north. However, we do still have to worry about “hacker attacks, eavesdropping with miniature pen recorders and the case of a female foreign spy who seduced her American boyfriend to steal his computer passwords.” So don’t let your guard down.