LIONS AND LAMBS….Union boss Andy Stern today:

It is time to admit that the employer-based health care system is dead — a relic of the industrial economy. America cannot compete in the new global economy when we are the only industrialized nation on earth that puts the price of healthcare on the cost of our products.

….And that’s why I chose to be here today, standing with several major corporations — some of whom I don’t always agree with, and of some of whom, frankly, I have been critical.

One of the companies joining him is Wal-Mart. Others include Intel, AT&T, and Kelly Services. Details are a little sketchy, but all of these companies — did I say Wal-Mart was one of them? — have decided to work together with SEIU to push for universal healthcare (of an undefined nature) by around 2012.

Stay tuned.

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