TEN THOUSAND….This is the 10,000th post on this blog. Hooray! Free beer for everyone today!

Now, this is not my 10,000th blog post, because I had my own blog for a while before I started working at the Monthly. Nor is it my 10,000th post on this blog, since other people have contributed posts too. In fact, it’s not even the 10,000th post written specifically for this blog, since one or two thousand entries from my old blog were imported to this site when we started it up.

But who cares? The odometer just ticked over to five digits, and us base-10-using primates with oversized cortexes just love stuff like that. To celebrate, here’s some bonus catblogging! As you can see in this picture taken just moments ago, Inkblot doesn’t use base 10 and he’s not a primate, and as a result he thinks that rolling around in the sun is more worthy of celebration than a blog post. As usual, he’s probably right.