HACK OF THE DAY….Today’s anti-union harangue in the LA Times by Russell Roberts is so mind-numbingly steeped in intellectual dishonesty that the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board must be slapping itself on its collective head this morning for not getting their hands on it first. It’s a work of art.

But it’s warm outside and I don’t have the energy to slog through the whole sorry mess. Consider it an exercise for the reader. To get you started, though, here’s one line from Roberts:

Cleaning people routinely earn $20 an hour, more than most cities’ so-called living wage.

Wow! 20 bucks an hour for mopping floors! Except, um, here’s the actual data from the BLS from a few years ago:

Among janitors at all levels, nonunion janitors earned $8.60 per hour, 72 percent of the $11.98 earned by union janitors.

So not only do janitors generally make way less than $20 per hour, but in the non-union paradise Roberts recommends they don’t even make 10 bucks an hour. And benefits? Please. Ask the janitors in Houston about that.

On the positive side, I didn’t notice any spelling errors in Roberts’ piece. So at least the Times copy desk is on the ball.

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