THE NEW NEW REPUBLIC….The New Republic has been sold to a Canadian media company and plans to re-launch itself as a “thicker, glossier” magazine with a more robust website. It’s also going to become a biweekly. And there’s this:

“We’ve become more liberal,” Foer said, pointing out that he used his first issue to embrace universal healthcare and “retract” a famous 1994 piece that helped bring down Bill Clinton’s 1994 heathcare reform plan.

….Under Foer, the magazine has also cut its remaining editorial support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The magazine’s editorial voice supported the invasion at the time, though some writers dissented, and in the summer of 2004, the New Republic published a famous cover package of essays under the heading “Were We Wrong?”

“The question mark is gone,” Foer said.

And Marty Peretz? Still editor-in-chief, at least for now. But we can hope.

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