APOLOGIES….This story here is being taken as evidence of the take-no-prisoners zealotry of the gun rights movement, and I suppose it is. But it’s evidence of something else too: the utter futility of the apology in modern day America.

The guy in question, Jim Zumbo, has been a gun advocate for decades. Last week he wrote a single ill-considered blog post, and after a flurry of complaints he followed it up 36 hours later with the most abject apology imaginable. His blog has since been taken down, but trust me on this: he told his readers that it had been late and he was tired; that he had written in ignorance; that what he said was stupid; that he apologized; and that he was going to make an effort to learn more about the subject in question (AR platforms for hunting). He practically got down on his knees and begged forgiveness.

As usual these days, it did no good. The slavering hordes were unappeased and he’s now out of a job, has lost his sponsorships and his TV show, and might as well move to a desert island to live out the rest of his years now. He’s a pariah.

There are, obviously, some apologies that are meaningless and shouldn’t be accepted. But this wasn’t one of them. Zumbo was plainly sincere and was plainly apologizing for a hastily written remark that didn’t reflect his long history of gun advocacy. All it did was make his critics madder. The moral of this story is: don’t ever bother apologizing. It won’t do you any good.

I have a feeling Hillary is well aware of this.