TRYING TOO HARD….Hmmm. John Solomon has another front-page story in the Washington Post today about financial skullduggery by Democrats. Turns out that, um….what? Hillary Clinton is more generous than she admits publicly? The Clintons’ staff sometimes makes mistakes? I dunno.

Long story short, the Clintons have a family charitable foundation that they’ve put $5 million into. Hillary is treasurer and secretary of the foundation (Bill is president, Chelsea is a director), but she failed to disclose this in her Senate ethics filing.

This is pretty meager stuff, but my guess is that the whole thing was an excuse to get in the following lick:

Among the institutions receiving grants [was] a charity connected to the Arkansas businessman who helped Hillary Clinton make $100,000 on a commodities trade that stirred controversy a decade ago, Internal Revenue Service reports show.

….One Arkansas recipient was the Diane Blair Foundation. Diane Blair is the late wife of James Blair, the businessman who helped Hillary Clinton with controversial commodities trades in the late 1970s that netted her about $100,000. There are two foundations in Diane Blair’s name. One is a private family charity; the other funds a center for the study of Southern politics at the University of Arkansas.

The Clintons’ tax form indicates the money went to the private charity, but James Blair said in an interview yesterday that the Clintons “miscoded” the entry. The check actually went to the university fund, he said.

“She was Hillary’s closest friend,” Blair said of his wife, who died in June 2000.

Gotcha! “Miscoded” money going to an AU foundation named for the wife of a guy who was associated with one of the endless number of bogus Clinton “scandals” from days past, this particular one dating from 30 years ago. But who cares? Any excuse to revive a Clinton scandal is a good excuse!

Solomon’s last front-page scoop (John Edwards sold his house to some guy) was bad enough that even the Post obudsman declared that “It seemed like a ‘gotcha’ without the gotcha.” It was, she said, “more of an item for the Reliable Source or In the Loop — and not worth Page 1.” That seems to be a pretty fair description of Solomon’s latest effort too.

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