FIGHTING BACK….This isn’t really my thing (which is why I haven’t blogged about it before), but the activist blogs have been up in arms for the past couple of weeks about the Democratic Party’s decision to allow Fox News to host a primary debate in Nevada. I still don’t have a lot to say about this, but just wanted to mention it for the benefit of readers who may not have been following the whole thing. Bottom line: the activists appear to have the party on the run; John Edwards has pulled out of the debate; and Fox News is now being treated like the propaganda arm of the Republican Party that it is. Matt Stoller has a brief summary here.

This is good work from the activists — though my own preference would be to keep the debate on Fox with some tightly negotiated requirements for how they run the thing. (After all, the party has a point when it says that Democrats need to reach Fox’s audience too, not just liberals and independents.) Like Matt, I’m a little surprised that the activist community’s pushback has had such a big impact in such a short time, but that’s the blogosphere for you. This whole thing is a real bellwether of how much bloggers have changed political media dynamics in the past couple of years.