CIVIL WAR UPDATE….Missing Links takes a look at the latest political news from Baghdad and suggests that the recent breakup between the Fadhila Party and the ruling UIA may be good news:

The leader of the Fadhila Party in his statement yesterday about pulling out of the UIA, made the point as clearly as he could: UIA leadership is sectarian, and the dissolution of this kind of sect-based parliamentary blocs is the “first step” toward pulling Iraq out of its crisis. And the UIA got the message….Fadhila is a Shiite party, and its attack on the sectarianism of the Shiite UIA leadership is an important event and a positive sign in and of itself.

Not everyone agrees, and this is an isolated event in any case. (And you know how I feel about isolated events.) But still, it’s probably a small step in the right direction.

Via Eric Martin, who has more about this, both good and bad.

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